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How do you choose music for your videos?



For music, it's more of a collaboration between the bride and our editing teams selections. We generally would ask within our on-boarding questionnaire to list your favorite styles/genres of music and list a few of your favorite artists so we can better personalize your wedding video. We would however prefer to use license-able music for the 60sec trailer and also incorporate that into the highlight film as well since that would have a better chance of playing well with the social media sites when we upload the teaser and highlight films. The full film is basically a free-for-all. Since that's generally a 60+min feature film that we don't share with anyone except the client we'll use music selections combined with license-able music.



How do you typically interact with photographers and guests?



I used to be a wedding photographer for about 10+yrs before I transitioned into wedding films a couple years back so I know what your photographer would generally be looking for. I always make it a fun and collaborative experience. We're all there to get some awesome shots so you can look back at and experience your wedding day as often as you would like. So the better we are able to help each other get what we are looking to get (footage-wise), the awesomer the footage and experience will be! ;) 



How many cameras do you use? Do you normally have more than one angle for the ceremony?



Yes, I cater to each wedding ceremony or reception depending on the package and the space. So for the "dream package" which comes with a single filmmaker. At the most we would use 3 cameras for the ceremony and 2 cameras for the reception. Sometimes it's more or less depending on the space allotted and time given to set up. For the larger packages, there are 2 filmmakers which would add an extra camera or two for the ceremony and reception again depending on the space allotted and time to set up.   



Do you use any sort of mic during the ceremony like a clip on mic?



Yes, we generally mic the officiant, groom and podium if at a church or DJ if at the venue. At the reception, I connect my audio to the DJ audio system to get my main audio feed and I also have another mic connected to the exterior of the speaker to get the DJ's wireless mic plus the room audio.



Are there any limits to how we can use our videos once we receive them?



Not really. Once the edits are completed and the invoice is paid in full you can share them and use them as you please. It's your wedding extravaganza! :)


Are there any additional costs or fees that aren’t listed in your quote?



Not typically. Besides taxes there's a $50 travel fee if the wedding will be hosted out of the state. If more than 3hrs one way we will also request a hotel room to stay the night if at all possible. Most brides already cover this before we ask about it as they know how far we will be traveling.  



Do you have any hour restrictions or do you stay for everything no matter how long it goes?



Yes and no. Basically with our full day wedding packages we start when you want us to start, and end when you want us to end. Usually we start at the getting ready location. Some brides would prefer we start at the ceremony location and that's totally fine with us too. The ending time is basically after the reception grand exit if there is one. If there isn't a grand exit with sparklers or balloons or whatnot then we would film as much dancing footage as we would need for editing, (about an hour or two) then we would touch base with you two before we start packing up for the evening.



I think one of the most important questions right now, how have you handled cancellations/rescheduling due to Covid 19?



That's a tough one but yes we do honor the fact that we are in trying times for events of all kinds and there have been a number of cancellations and rescheduling on our end. I have set up my team (pre-pandemic) to be able to handle up to 3 or even 4 weddings on a single day to cover heavy days as well as to be able to cover in case one of my filmmakers had an emergency and couldn't make it. So we are able to reschedule if your current wedding date happens to change if your venue cancels for any other reason. However, I handle all full cancellations on a case by case basis as not all cancellations are created equal.



What are your Covid 19 policies if it happens to still be an issue? Are there any fees for moving dates for that reason?



Since we are still in unprecedented times, I will have to decide that once I have more information to go on. But for the most part, I am always willing to negotiate with my brides even as much as changing the package to better accommodate their current needs. If the ceremony needs to stay on the current booked date but you want to reschedule the reception to another date, I would have to charge an extra $500 to cover the added date to the package. Since I no longer have an hourly rate for my weddings, this is the best way I can accommodate for the rescheduling if adding a second future date is needed. If you are needing to do a full reschedule (ceremony and reception) there is no fee for this. You would just need to sign a new contract and I will move the invoice and other documents associated with your account to the new date.  

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